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What Types Of Condoms Can I Buy?

Our condoms for sale collection features the following types of latex condom contraceptives.

  • Control Condoms
  • Thin Skin Condoms
  • Flavoured Condoms
  • Fun Condoms
  • Ribbed Condoms
  • XL Condoms
  • Finger Condoms

There are a variety of needs and uses for condoms and we try to keep on top of consumer demand to make sure we have something for everyone. From flavouring to pleasure enhancing surfaces, there are lots of ways to make condoms aid pleasure and not obstruct it.

Are Condoms Safe?

Condoms are the number 1 method for safe sex. According to the UK’s National Health Service, condoms when worn correctly are 98% effective in fighting the transmission of STDs or tackling unplanned pregnancy.

Some users of condoms have issues with latex and can experience irritation but this is temporary and non-permanent. For those, we suggest using non-latex options such as lambskin condoms.

How to pick the best condoms for me?

Picking the best condoms for you comes down to getting the right size and the correct style. Maybe you want something to extend the pleasure longer and a delay or control condom might be best for you. Alternatively, you would like to feel closer to your partner and thin skin options will be a great condom for you to buy.

Above all else though, get the right size for you. For advice on correctly measuring your penis to buy the right sized condom, check out this size chart from Healthline’s excellent blog.