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What is the G-Spot

Inside the vagina is an area of highly concentrated nerve endings that has long been referred to as the ‘G-Spot’. When stimulated it’s believed by many women, that they experience what is known as a vaginal orgasm.

Source: Healthline

What is a G-Spot Vibrator?

The G Spot vibrator is designed to most effectively target the G-spot inside the vagina and for this reason you will see them with less conventional shapes. They are not designed to be perfectly shaped like a penis, but to improve upon that and enable more contact with most women’s internal orgasm button.

What is the best G-Spot Vibrator to buy?

Every vagina is different and every female has their own personal needs. It may be that you want your G-Spot Vibrator to still have elements of reality and feel like a penis, while others may want something a bit more travel friendly. Therefore it’s really hard for us to say what is the best G-Spot vibrator but have a look around, use the filters and explore what we hold. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.