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What Is A Penis Sleeve?

A penis sleeve is an artificial tube that fits neatly around the penis to add certain features or enhancements you might wish for. It could be added thickness/girth, increased length, even a change in colour ;)

When you’re finished, take it off, go to sleep.

What Types Of Penis Sleeves Are There?

From ribbed penis sleeves to penis extension sleeves, we stock a good variety. You can find the following types here with us for sale:

  • Male Cock Sleeves
  • Ribbed Penis Sleeves
  • ‘Girthy’ Thick Penis Sleeves
  • Vibrating Penis Sleeves
  • Penis Extension Sleeves
  • Penile Support Sleeves

Lots of options for lots of needs. Have a browse by popular choices or narrow down to what you need.

How To Use Penis Sleeves?

Using a penis sleeve is straightforward, just as the aftercare is too. These are best applied when erect, by stretching them over the head of the shaft, and taken off when the penis starts to go flaccid. Some users place lubricant on the inside for putting on and when finished wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water and leave to dry.

Not much else to know. Enjoy yourself.