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How do fleshlights work?

Fleshlights replicate the sensation of vaginal or anal penetration. These handheld fun tubes, have a soft ‘fleshy’ like interior that can be lubricated to provide a little but of fancy solo pleasure.

How to clean a fleshlight?

The Fleshlights come with removable end caps so they can be washed with soap and water in a sink, or take advantage of a range of simple powder cleaning solutions such as ‘Fleshlight Renew Powder‘. The powder is best where you have a battery or electronic powered operating aspects.

What types of fleshlight are there?

From battery powered fleshlights, to mains operating and many more without, there are many types of fleshlight available to buy. Some of the most popular fleshlights are without battery or electronic features, this keeps those sex toys a lot cheaper and a more affordable option. Bue t for those shopping for Fleshlights in the UK, the world of gadgets and extras is really growing. We have seen shower mounts so you can use them while showering, or sleeve warmers, so you can prep your Flesh Light before use.