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What are anal beads?

Anal beads come in many visual forms, but they are like a string of pearls in varying sizes. The more you insert the larger the experience becomes. This differs from a butt plug which sits at the entrance of the anus and offers a different experience altogether.

Are anal beads safe?

If used carefully and with a considerate partner, you should find no issues with our anal beads for sale. The beauty of them is they are gradual and you can really take your time. Make sure when you are done, they are cleaned with a non-toxic, skin-friendly sex toy cleaner such as those linked within.

How to remove anal beads?

Our anal beads for sale, come in a range of options, from flared, handled, or those on a string system. This means it’s easy to get them back out past the sphincter of the anus and ensure you can use them again!